Declaration of Re-establishment

Affidavit of Citizenship and Domicile

North Carolina Constitution of December 18, 1776

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Unconstitutional Act Defined

Congressional Globe:
Object of the War

Williamsburg Resolve

Reconstruction Acts

Military Order 120: Removing Government of North Carolina

North-Carolina Surrender Letter

Senate Report 93-549


Declare Your Citizenship

Begin by viewing the introductory video below.

Thank you for your interest in State Citizenship. We are excited to see a growing number of people participating in a movement to re-establish lawful states. To begin this process, you must first start by learning why and how the original state of North-Carolina was re-established. State Citizenship is not something to be undertaken lightly, and to further encourage the expanding of education and worldview, we require interested individuals to fill out and submit a 29-question questionnaire as a prerequisite to obtaining a citizenship packet from the North-Carolina American Republic.

It is our view that by studying the reference materials and resources here on NCRepublic.org and AmericasRemedy.com, future citizens of our de jure state, the North-Carolina American Republic, will be well educated on matters regarding the foundation of our state's re-establishment, and will understand the differences between who we are and who we are not.

How to Become a State Citizen

  1. Citizenship Questionnaire
    Fill out and submit the NCAR Citizenship Questionnaire.

  2. Phone Conference
    After you complete and submit your questionnaire, an NCAR Citizenship Coordinator will contact you to schedule a phone conference to discuss the answers on your questionnaire. Please note that the questionnaire is for informational purposes. Your responses to the questions in this questionnaire will not disqualify you from eligibility for state citizenship.

  3. Attend an NCAR Meeting
    Officers and citizens of NCAR convene regularly. Check our calendar for the next opportunity to attend a meeting. At this meeting, you will receive a Citizenship Packet. Your packet will contain all paperwork to initialize your state citizenship, including an Affidavit of Citizenship and Domicile, oaths of allegiance, and voter registration cancellation request, along with other useful resources. Please also be prepared to provide proof of identity.

  4. Submit Citizenship Paperwork and Pay Taxes
    After you thoroughly review your citizenship packet documents, please bring your citizenship paperwork to an NCAR meeting. There, your paperwork will be signed, witnessed, and officially sealed. Please note five (5) dollars U.S. minted coin (pre-1965), five (5) ounces silver coins, or $125.00 FRN is due at the time your affidavit is submitted to cover taxes and processing.
PARTICIPATE in lawful government.

LEARN our state was stolen.
DECLARE yourself to be a citizen.
PARTICIPATE in lawful government.

Ways to Contribute
Not quite ready to become a lawful state citizen? That's okay. There are plenty of other ways to contribute to the cause.

©1997- North-Carolina American Republic
NOTICE: The NCAR is IN NO WAY associated with the following groups or legal arguments.
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