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How Our State Was Stolen


The Problem
Prior to the Reconstruction Acts, and the unconstitutional 14th amendment to the constitution, the Federal government had no control, and no authority over the lives or property of the people of the several states. In direct contrast to the intentions of the founders of America, we now see a total invasion by the federal government in nearly every aspect of our lives. No longer are we authoritative State Citizens exercising constitutionally protected liberties, but we have become subjugated U.S. citizens begging an overbearing federalized government for some semblance of freedom.

The History
It is a little known fact that through the course of history, two states called 'North Carolina' have entered the American Union. The first state of North-Carolina entered as the 12th state of the union on November 21, 1789 and was established by the freemen (free people) of North Carolina. The second state of North Carolina, the 39th state, entered the American Union on June 25, 1868. This de facto government of North Carolina (the government that many people recognize today) was put into place by the United States Military, as the end result of the Reconstruction Acts (1, 2, 3, 4). These Acts imposed on us a military dictatorship, an election, a method of changing our constitution, and a constitution, all foreign to our organic law. Through the Reconstruction Acts and the forced amending of the Constitution, a military coup occurred and put into place the government of North Carolina which is operating today; no longer a government of consent by the lawfully authorized people, but one of fraud, coercion and force. Our Constitution therefore, has been dormant, but not dead, since that date.

The Solution
We the people of North-Carolina have re-established the state that was taken from us and are breathing new life into our original Constitution. In 1997, on behalf of the inhabitants of North-Carolina which were present, a small body gathered and legally re-established the de jure (lawful) state of North Carolina that was taken on July 1st, 1868. The North-Carolina American Republic, or NCAR, has been in operation since that time and convenes on a regular basis. The basis of this re-establishment is rooted in a legal argument that is supported by irrefutable historical evidence which was uncovered as a result of over 19 years of study. Armed with this knowledge, lawful state citizens have taken the matter to court - demanding that the current state of North Carolina prove its lawfulness.

DECLARE yourself to be a state citizen.

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Ways to Contribute
Not quite ready to become a lawful state citizen? That's okay. There are plenty of other ways to contribute to the cause.

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