State Citizenship Questionnaire

This 29-question questionnaire represents the first step for declaring your state citizenship. If you have arrived at this page by accident click here to return to the citizenship page. This questionnaire is prerequisite to obtaining a citizenship packet from the North-Carolina American Republic. However, completion of the questionnaire itself does not imply citizenship. Once all 29 questions are answered, an NCAR Citizenship Coordinator will contact you to schedule a phone conference to discuss the answers on your questionnaire.

Please answer all of the following questions to the best of your ability. For convenience and to avoid technical issues, you may also print the questionnaire, to work on it offline, and then come back to enter your answers on the computer later. This form can also be saved as you go, to allow you to complete it at your leisure.

You may consult any historical, legal or other sources, as well as any NCAR educational material at your disposal (i.e. treat it as an 'open book test'). Owing to that fact, and in furtherance of the ultimate goal of this endeavor – your expanding education and maturing of worldview – we provide that many (though likely not all) of the answers can be found in a thorough search of our State's website, http://www.ncrepublic.org, and the Facebook page and website of the NC Republic's independent educational outreach sister-venture, America's Remedy, at Facebook.com/americasremedy and AmericasRemedy.com, respectively. In any case, we request that your answers be honest and complete, and genuinely reflect your current level of knowledge and understanding of the topics covered.

This questionnaire is for informational purposes. Your responses to the questions in this questionnaire will not disqualify you from eligibility for state Citizenship. State Citizenship, however, is not something to be undertaken lightly, since it inherently entails legal and judicial conflict with the de facto government of the 'Reconstructed' State. Furthermore, the personal character and integrity of state Citizens reflect directly on our State and affect our success in advancing our educational mission, growing our body politic, and increasing popular recognition of our State. With this questionnaire we strive, therefore, to ensure that applicants fully comprehend the gravity of their decision and recognize the consequences of it before taking an Oath of Allegiance to this State, and once you have formally claimed state Citizenship status, we ask that you conduct yourself at all times in the most respectable and honorable manner, for you are always in the public eye.

Cordially & Sincerely,
Citizens & Officers of the Great State of North-Carolina

* Note that some questions refer to either the de jure or de facto government or state. These are common Latin legal terms for which complete definitions may be found in either Black's or Bouvier's Law Dictionary; however, for the purposes of this Questionnaire, it is sufficient to regard de jure as meaning "of the law" (i.e. that which is lawful), and de facto as meaning "of fact" (i.e. that which exercises power or enjoys popular recognition as a matter of practical fact).

©1997- North-Carolina American Republic
NOTICE: The NCAR is IN NO WAY associated with the following groups or legal arguments.
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