Eliminating the Confusion of "Patriot Arguments"

One of the most VITAL aspects in this movement is education, both concerning what is true, and also what is NOT true. There exist today, many "patriot arguments" which often believe they are similar to our counter-revolution movement, but with which we have no relation whatsoever. We must be aware of these numerous arguments. They are a danger to the truth, as they both detract from it, and oftentimes give it a bad name. Many of these arguments seek to benefit the individual, though they are not conducive to resurrecting our lawful state governments.

It is important to understand that the North-Carolina American Republic is IN NO WAY associated with any of the following groups or legal arguments: sovereign citizens, individual sovereignty, straw man, birth certificate, birth certificate creates bond, UCC, missing 13th amendment, incorporation of the district, U.S. is a corporation, George Washington constitutional con job, name in all caps / other naming conventions, fringe on the flag, organic states, RUSA, TRAP (The Restore America Plan), refuse for cause, man on the land, anarchy, jural societies, common law grand jury, right to travel, tax protester / tax honesty movement.

In addition to the list above, there are often additional legal arguments which are not addressed by citizens of the North-Carolina American Republic, not simply for a matter of truth, but because these issues do not affect our state or our citizens. The Reconstruction Acts which we challenge precede many branch issues of law on the timeline, and in fact, lay a foundation for such issues to be perpetrated. The North-Carolina American Republic is therefore ONLY pinpoint focused on a single issue -- the alleged overthrow of our de jure states by the Reconstruction Acts of the 39th Congress.

To further expound on the above and allow this information to be easily distributed, we have put together the following quick bullet list and printed materials for education and distribution:

Who We ARE

  1. We are the de jure state (body politic and government) of North-Carolina.
  2. Our state was originally constituted December 18, 1776. On November 21, 1789, we were the twelfth state to enter the American Union.
  3. We re-established on December 1, 1997, of necessity, under the name North-Carolina American Republic.
  4. We are state Citizens, as opposed to nationalized, 14th Amendment U.S. citizens residing in the state.
  5. We are an active state, with a representative, elected government.
  6. We are a state whose government meets regularly to discuss business of the state, legal matters, and legislation.
  7. We are a counter-revolution against the unconstitutional Reconstruction Acts of the 39th Congress.
  8. We are a free people recognizing the lawful state government.

Who We Are NOT

  1. We are not secessionists.
  2. We are not a movement to re-establish the Confederacy.
  3. We do not support individual sovereignty or sovereign citizenship. We believe sovereignty resides in the body of people, organized as a state, exercised through their legislature.
  4. We do not support "the United States is a corporation, and not a government" as an argument. All governments are corporations.
  5. We do not believe or support the notion that we lost our 'rights' due to birth certificates, banking, the Social Security Administration, and other so-called nefarious contracts.
  6. We do not believe there is remedy in the 10th Amendment in the present nationalized system. This amendment is applicable only to states composed of free Citizens, not states composed of nationalized U.S. citizens.
  7. We do not support voting or participating in unconstitutionally created states.

"Who We Are" and "Who We Are Not"
Push Cards

Click the side you wish to print or share. These two-sided push cards are also available at NCAR event displays or tables and at regular meetings and events.
©1997- North-Carolina American Republic
NOTICE: The NCAR is IN NO WAY associated with the following groups or legal arguments.
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