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Guide: Running for Office

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Guide: Running for Office

Having our counties represented is a critical part of growing this movement to fight the overthrow of our state, as the primary function of government is to protect our citizens. If you have checked our government page, and do not see your county represented, or if you would be interested in running against someone else in your area, the guidelines and requirements below should be utilized to begin your campaign in our de jure state.

  1. Requirements
    In order to hold office in the North-Carolina American Republic, you must first:

    A. Be a citizen of this state.
    B. Be current on your annual tax.
    C. Be 21 years of age or older; with exception of chief magistrate, which must be 30 years or older.
    D. Qualify under Article 32 of the December 18, 1776 North-Carolina Constitution, which states, "That no person who shall deny the Being of God, or the Truth of the Protestant Religion, or the divine Authority either of the Old or New Testament, or shall hold religious Principles incompatible with the Freedom and Safety of the State, shall be capable of holding any Office, or Place of Trust or Profit, in the civil Department within this State."

  2. When Can I Run?
    Elections for our state are held every odd year on December 1st. You may begin your campaign at any point prior. Candidates are encouraged to notify the NCAR of their running no less than two weeks prior to the election, in order to (a) allow voters time to consider their choices, and (b) be included in any NCAR email newsletters or other advertising publicizing the available candidates.

  3. For Which Positions May I Run?
    View the District Map for apportionment information. To determine which areas are not yet represented, simply compare this with offices filled on our government page. Of course, you may also run against another person in your county, if so desired. Our goal is to have every county represented.

  4. Duties and Responsibilities
    At the current stage of our re-established state, general responsibilities for officers include but are not limited to meeting attendance and participation, along with representing the citizens of your district and/or county. For a more complete list of responsibilities as it applies to your desired office, please see the Revised Code of North Carolina Enacted by the General Assembly at the Session of 1854. Copies of said code are available at NCAR meetings. You may contact an elected official to obtain a copy, and/or to address any questions regarding officer responsibilities.

  5. How Do I Get My Name on the Ballot?
    Contact us via email at inquiries@ncrepublic.org, or by attending a meeting. Once requirements above are verified as being met, your name may be added to the ballot.

  6. Additional Questions
    For additional information, please contact one of our officers.

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