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State Citizen Jerry Plemmons Challenges Jurisdiction. Judge Delays Case Eleven Weeks.

Today, September 20th, at 9AM, state citizen Jerry Plemmons was in courtroom 1A, at the Forsyth County Hall of Justice in Winston Salem, North Carolina on special appearance to challenge jurisdiction.

A huge thank you goes out to all of those in attendance at the courthouse today. We urge all readers to come out and witness these cases in person. With more people showing up in the courtrooms, the pressure on the current state government will continue to increase.

The following is a record of the events as witnessed by those in attendance. Dialog is between Judge Victoria L. Roemer (Judge), Assistant D.A. Erin Comerford (ADA) and Jerry Plemmons (Jerry). After Jerry's name was called on the docket around 9 AM, other cases were heard and the court continued to empty until 10:55 AM

At 10:56AM Jerry is called to the front by the ADA.

Judge: Do you have your registration & license?

Jerry: I'm not going to traverse. I'm here to challenge the jurisdiction of the court.

ADA: She's not talking about jurisdiction right now. She needs you to answer the question.

Judge: Do you have your own attorney, do you need a court appointed attorney, or will you be representing yourself?

Jerry: I will not traverse. I'm here to challenge the jurisdiction of the court.

ADA: If he's not going to answer the questions, I motion that we hold him in contempt!

Jerry: Does this court recognize my legal right to challenge jurisdiction?

Judge: Sir, don't ask any more questions. Do you need counsel or not?

Jerry: I will not traverse.

Judge (10:58 AM): I don't have time for this. Sit down and we'll get to you later.

(Jerry sits.)

Other cases are heard and the court continues to empty until about 11:39 AM.

ADA (11:39 AM): The court would seem to be at a stand still, your honor.

Judge: We've already taken a recess, so we need to do something.

The judge and the ADA continue to review the docket, calling various other case numbers. The judge calls out a number and the ADA answers back with why they aren't ready for that case to be heard. This occurs for several different cases. They appear to be searching for other cases to hear.

Judge: Ok, what about number 77? Is that Mister....

ADA: Yes, that's Mr. Plemmons, your honor. The jurisdictional challenge.

Judge: Ok, line 77, page 12, Mr. Plemmons. Please stand.

(Jerry stands behind the bench.)

Judge: Have you decided what you want to do about counsel? You must decide what you want to.....

Jerry: According to State vs. Batdorf, the burden of proof falls upon the court, are you saying that.....

Judge: Sir don't talk while I'm talking. I'm asking you if you want counsel or if....

Jerry: I will not traverse.

Judge: Mr. Plemmons, we're moving your case to December 6th so that you can decide what you want to do about counsel.

(Jerry and supporters exit the courtroom.)


Keep an eye on the calendar and show up at these courthouses to support the fight against the nationalization of citizenship.

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