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Our Mission

Re-establish and re-populate the "Constitution-Approved" State of North-Carolina
We the people of North-Carolina have re-established the state that was taken from us on July 1st, 1868 by the United States Military, as the end result of the Reconstruction Acts (1, 2, 3, 4). These Acts imposed on us a military dictatorship, an election, a method of changing our constitution, and a constitution, all foreign to our organic law. Our Constitution, therefore, has been dormant, but not dead, since that date. We are breathing new life into it.
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Jim Kennedy

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

  Just a bit of information that I will pass along.

The Halifax Resolves were signed 4-12-1776 and the celebration of this first "declaration of independence" is being is being held in Halifac North Carolina

2 years early. That means this week end. 

  The SAR is having a servive Friday 4-12 2024 at 10:30 If I remember correctly and the defacto State Government ...

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Loss of a Founding Citizen

Jim Kennedy

I have just recieved notice that we have lost a friend and founding Citizen Roy Lee Green.

He helped to re-establish our lawful government here in North Carolina back in 1997.

He will be sorely missed.

I am praying for his family in these hard times and I will ask everyone else to do the same.

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Correct name.

Jim Kennedy

In our legislative meetings we have discussed the fact that the lawful state government name was changed to North-Carolina American Republic

Back at the time when it was reestablished. We feel that the name of THE STATE of NORTH CAROLINA under the constitution of 1776 is what was chosen by the Freemen of North Carolina when this government was established and is exactly how it should be called ...

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A year later.

Jim Kennedy

It has been over a year since I had filed a MEMORANDUM OF LAW in support of "NOTICETO THE EXECUTIVE of the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA:


This memorandum consisted of 49 pages and was served upon the attorney general and governor of the defacto (unlawful foreign) 

Government (that was placed over us at bayonet point) here in North Carolina. Sent certified mail.

I have ...

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Change in strategy

Jim Kennedy

It seems that in the last 20+ years that when our argument is applied in court it seems that the prosecution is unwilling 

and unable to prove jurisdiction over a State Citizen. 

  Therefore, The question of jurisdiction is now placed with the executine branch in the office of the governor of the de-facto state.

There is more paperwork to be sent and we will have to wait for the ...

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