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Another North-Carolina Republic Citizen Denied Due Process in the de facto Court of Mecklenburg County

July 23, 2010 - Christopher Pierce, Citizen North-Carolina American Republic, was denied Due Process by District Court Judge Thomas F. Moore, County of Mecklenburg District Court on Monday July 19. The Assistant District Attorneys (who are unlisted on the docket) stood by offering no protection, allowing the rights of one of the People to be trampled upon. The territorial jurisdiction of the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA was challenged based upon the unconstitutionality of the creation of the said state June 30th, 1868 by the Reconstruction Acts of Congress and General Order 120, General Canby, Second Military District, Charleston, S.C.

The jurisdictional challenge was ignored by Thomas F. Moore,and the State established nothing on the record showing jurisdiction in contradiction to the challenge. Arraignment and sentencing where carried out, without jurisdiction ever being properly established. In an attempt to establish the Chilling Effect Doctrine Thomas F. Moore, after denying due process, asked Christopher Pierce if he would like to appeal the decision, Christopher Pierce verbally appealed at that time and Thomas F. Moore placed a $500 secured bond on Mr. Pierce and had him arrested for the grievous crime of no valid vehicle registration.

This is our 'Justice System': exploit the poor, suppress the truth, and Chill* anyone, present or future, who asserts their rights fought for by the Fathers of 1776.

Here is an interview with Christopher:

*Chilling effect doctrine. In constitutional law, any law or practice which has the effect of seriously discouraging the exercise of a constitutional right, e.g. the right of appeal. North Carolina v. Pearce, 395 U.S. 711, 89 S.Ct. 2072, 23 L.Ed.2d 656.The deterrent effect of governmental action that falls short of a direct prohibition against the exercise of First Amendment rights. To constitute an impermissible chilling effect the constrictive impact must arise from the present or future exercise or threatened exercise of coercive power. Reporters Comm. for Freedom of the Press v. American Telephone & Telegraph Co. et aI., C.A.D.C., 593 F.2d 1030, 1052; Sec. of State of Md. v. Joseph H. Munson Co., 467 U.S. 947, 104 S.Ct. 2389, 2847, 81 L.Ed.2d 786.BlackÕs Law 6th Edition


April 12, 2011
7:56 pm
Sometimes we have to create our own spark. Take the plates off your car, or refuse to obtain a drivers license- this should do the trick. Then you'll be able to take the NCAR case to court, and get the attention it deserves.


January 7, 2011
4:05 am
That s right and what would you have done if you had children at home waiting for you to feed them now that you spent a night in jail what would you do if you lost your job you cant beat these people at there own game the way is for all Americans to rise up and thats not going to happen so the only other is well I think you know and there is plenty of Men and Woman who are just waiting for that chance all we need is that little spark. It may never happen maybe it will but I am ready when it does.

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