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Official Press Release on Case Pending in North Carolina Court of Appeals

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For Immediate Release
June 7, 2011


Isaac Birch, a citizen of the North Carolina American Republic (NCAR), filed a brief on May 17, 2011 before the North Carolina Court of Appeals which challenges the legitimacy of the federally reconstructed state of North Carolina that was put into place by a Military Order in 1868. 

For over 10 years, citizens of the NCAR have been going into North Carolina’s lower courts challenging the jurisdiction created by the United States Congress in the Reconstruction Acts of 1867. The District and Superior courts have refused to order the state of North Carolina to prove that the congressionally reconstructed state is in fact a lawful jurisdiction. Birch’s appeal is brought forth on the claim that the lower Courts must have a lawful and provable jurisdiction that can both take and defend their lawfulness.

“The Acts in question are the cornerstone of the current state of corruption that exists within the operation of government here in America”, said Birch. “If these Acts are declared unconstitutional by the court we can truly begin the process of restoring what was lost, a constitutional Union, a federal government bound once again by the chains of the Constitution of the United States of America. Clean slate, constitution restored.” 

The constitutionality of the nationalization of citizenship and the Reconstruction Acts passed by the United States Congress has never been ruled upon in any court in the United States. John Ainsworth, elected Chief Magistrate of NCAR explained why this is such an important issue. “Post Civil War Reconstruction overthrew the founding principles of America”, said Ainsworth. “The Reconstruction Acts nationalized citizenship in the United States, which gave the federal government an indefinite supremacy over all American citizens, and is an absolute overthrow of Tenth Amendment state's rights.” 

“The state of North Carolina that entered the Union as the 12th State in 1789 was annulled by Congress by the Reconstruction Acts. It never was readmitted back into the Union”, Ainsworth continued. “Instead Congress created a new nationalized state that entered the Union over the president’s veto on June 25, 1868. The Constitution and body of the original 12th State was re-established on December 1, 1997. We temporarily changed the name of the state from The State of North Carolina to the North Carolina American Republic in order to lessen confusion.” 

• For additional information visit the official website of the NCAR - www.ncrepublic.org 
• Contact John Ainsworth, NCAR Chief Magistrate - johnainsworth@ncrepublic.org | 704-563-4554 
• Contact Isaac Birch, NCAR Secretary of State - isaacbirch@ncrepublic.org 


Available in PDF format here.

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